I'm Not Just Your Zumba Instructor

I'm a black woman. My life matters. I am the mother of a black son. His life matters.

I believe that some of the understanding and awakening to force change of systemic racism can start with hearing the personal experiences of those you know and love. So for the next few posts, I'll be sharing my personal experiences of racism in an effort to help educate others. Below is my post detailing an experience my son and I had the same day George Floyd was killed. His death and that of too many others at the hands of police in the last several years has brought to the surface fear, rage, a great deal of pain for me. But it has also awakened a new resolve to be part of the change that MUST happen. I will also provide resources for those of you who are committed to lighting up the darkness, standing up and speaking out as to what you can do. It's time to have those hard conversations...will you be part of the change?

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