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You Go Girl!

I'm so glad you stopped by!  This means you're a woman who is ready to make herself a priority so she can be the best she can be for everyone she loves!

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Hey There! I'm Dori!

Certified Fitness Instructor & Health Coach

It is my passion to empower busy women to take control of their wellness by teaching simple yet effective and sustainable ways to add in healthy habits.  I offer fitness classes, and wellness workshops.

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During this time of pandemic, we need to stay strong and positive for work, for our families and most of all, for ourselves. One way to overcome the anxiety and stress is to maintain a routine to keep moving with Dori’s Zumba and Toning classes. Dori’s classes provide positive energy and the fundamentals routine steps.

Dori’s Zumba classes are easy to follow. They are low impact movements that even a person with a minor injury can participate with slight modifications. You will feel so much better after an hour of movement and breathing. 

Dori combines her knowledge of body mechanics and movement to offer a safe and effective class. Dori’s balance of talents enables her to offer trainings rich in education and the necessary skills to excel as a fitness professional. 

Karen, CA

Wellness Workshops

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In my Wellness Workshops you'll learn the power of my Nourishment, Movement, Mindset formula, and how easy it can be to transform your wellness inside and out even while being Superwoman to everyone else!  

Egg and Avocado Salad

Virtual Fitness Classes

Movement is the medicine

Join me for virtual workouts design for busy women! All my classes are 45 minutes or less, only require minimal equipment, and are suitable for all skill levels.  Whether you want to tone muscle, build muscle, or increase your mobility and restore your body and mind, I have a class for you!  But don't take my work for it, try a class for FREE! Click the "Save My Spot" button below!

Indoor Stretch

Health Coaching

You CAN find balance

If you're frustrated because it seems impossible to balance working, being a mom, partner, friend, AND finding time to prioritize your health; I totally get it because that was me too. But I was able to transform my health, and now am here to help you do the same.

Balancing Rocks

Wellness with Dori on the Go

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